When Al talks about recording his songs, his face lights up. He remembers stories about how he and his band in Massachusetts didn't have the money to do a full studio production, so they rehearsed for weeks, to get everything perfect, so they could go into the studio and record as a full band with very few takes on songs.

This gave them a CD with very few overdubs, and their hard work paid off when it came to financing the effort.

Recording and publishing CD's is more an effort of the heart than a true money-making venture. Al's CD's all show a warmth and thoughtfulness that brings his songs home to his listeners.


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How Far Will You Go
This album was produced in 1987, originally on cassette, and has just been released as a CD. Excellent vocals, ten original tunes with Al's well known 12 string guitar, plus bass and drums by Chetz Keegan. $12.99.
  • How Far Will You Go For Love
  • Something 'Bout A Taxi
  • Jimmy's Song
  • When The Night's Over
  • Time & Again
  • Rainy Days Blue
  • The Money Chase
  • Heavy On My Mind
  • When I Come Home To You
  • Leadfootin'





    This album was recorded in 1991, originally on cassette, and is Al's favorite of all his CD's. All of the songs were written by Al Fuller, with the exception of This Time Around which was written by Chetz Keegan and Al Fuller. $12.99.


  • Out On The Town
  • Don't Take My Dreams Away
  • So Lonely
  • Whatever Happened To The Sun
  • This Time Around
  • Listen To Reason
  • Waiting For You
  • Hey Ho
  • Long Distance Romance
  • Satisfied




    Lonely & Blue

    This blues album contains a mix of twelve songs, and is priced at $12.99. It includes:


  • Lonely and Blue
  • Wonder Where All the Time Has Gone
  • Why I'm So Blue
  • Hitchike to Heaven
  • Make Up Your Mind
  • Putting On The Style
  • Crazy 'Bout You Baby
  • Worrying and Waiting
  • Al's Boogie



    Long Awaited Solo CD!

    Al's latest single album contains 15 songs, all original music. These are the songs you'll hear when Al Fuller performs at his solo gigs!


  • The Reason
  • It Ain't What You Got
  • Don't Give Your Love Away
  • Walking Down The Road
  • Uncertain
  • Make Up Your Mind
  • Waiting For Nirvana
  • Sailing On The Deep Blue Sea
  • The Baghdad Boogie
  • The Wild Geese
  • You've Got Me Hanging
  • Coming Home
  • Beyond The Wall
  • Este
  • The Midnight Strut



    In The Back Of My Mind

    Al's latest blues album contains 8 songs, and he is accompanied by bassman Moe Cates, except on Contemplation where Burt Englesman joins him, and by Rich MacDonald on drums. All original music, priced at $12.99


  • New Orleans In The Back Of My Mind
  • It Ain't What You Got
  • Tequila
  • Time To Change My Mind
  • Cryin' Blues
  • Cake
  • Sing Another Sad Song
  • Contemplation